We took IC125 on the road where a few hundred of our closest friends partied, laughed, shared old stories and made new memories!

Check out more photos from our regional events in:

New York City, held on February 2, 2018

Boston, held on March 1, 2018

Chicago, held on March 20, 2018

Los Angeles, held on June 14, 2018

Ciara Lucas at the IC125 event in New York City

Gotham Hall, location of the IC125 Event in NYC

Alumni take a trip back to campus using VR

Attendees made their wish for IC's next 125 years at Dillingham Fountain

Chicago alumni gather to celebrate Ithaca College

Prof. Alex Reed presents

Emily Riemer '03 and Ben Simmoneau '03 welcome guests in Boston

IC alumni gather to celebrate IC's 125 birthday in Chicago

Members of the Class of 2017 come together at the NYC event

Pres. Collado speaks during the IC125 event in Chicago

Alumni greet each other at IC125 event in NYC

Guests at the IC125 event in Boston

Bob Iger '73 welcomes guests to the IC125 Los Angeles Celebration

Mickey joined the IC125 party in LA

Minnie Mouse came out to support IC125 in LA.

Prof. Alex Reed presents at the LA Celebration