Icons of people.

Ithaca College has had countless faculty members who have made an impact not just on their students but on the IC community as a whole. Professors such as Shirley Hockett, Mary Arlin, Earl McCarroll, Florence and Jack Bernard, Skip Landen, and Emma Corinne Brown Galvin are just some of the faculty members whose legacies are felt to this day.

“I don’t care whether you are talking to teachers I had, teachers I went to school with, or students I have sent to IC for music, we all agree that Mary Arlin is the main reason we were prepared for our jobs,” said a 1983 alumnus. “Tough, caring, and an incredible teacher, she demonstrates the excellence that IC stands for. Thank you, Mary Arlin!”

“[Lecturer in strategic communication] Ann-Marie Adams has been a blessing and a saving grace for me,” said another alumna. “She wasn’t even my professor; however, she did substitute for one of my classes. She said she noticed my quiet and shy disposition, and I think from that moment on she was determined to get me to open up. Every time she saw me she’d greet me and talk to me.”