Icon of IC's main entrance.

Each May, graduating seniors dressed in caps and gowns precariously perch on the main entrance marker—often in heels—to take a memorable photo of the concrete sign with brass letters.

“Every time I would drive back to Ithaca from my hometown in New Jersey, I would be driving up Danby Road, pass the Ithaca College entrance sign, and immediately smile,” said a recent alumna. “I spent five years at Ithaca College getting two degrees, and sometime over the years Ithaca became home. On graduation day, during the photoshoot that every group of girlfriends must do, my friends and I took a group picture on the sign. This picture is now hanging in my room and reminds me of the place I called home for five years and the amazing group of friends I met, who will be by my side for the rest of my life.”