Icon of a taco and drink against a night sky with moon.

IC students who are craving a midnight snack don’t need to look any further than the college’s Towers Dining Hall, which serves up late-night meals from 8 p.m. to midnight. Each night of the week features a different theme, from Monday’s “breakfast for dinner” to “southern comfort night” on Thursdays, and of course, “taco Tuesdays.” The late-night meals are especially popular with student–athletes, who often come in groups following practices. From talking to alumni, it’s clear that the experience is about more than just the food.

“This is the icon of college living,” said one alumna. “Late-night food and fun with friends. This is a tradition that has continued for some of us beyond college as a way to continue to bond and fortify friendships.”

Another alumna remembered going to the Towers for comfort food: “Late-night got everyone through the stress of midterms and finals! Being able to go grab a late-night meal literally just up the stairs from the library was a lifesaver!”